Favorite Product of the Week: The Vamp Definition Liner from Pupa

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Currently, I cannot think of a girl who is not obsessed with cat-eye or any sort of statement winged eyeliner. Even if you are an all-natural kinda girl, you have to admit that a clean cat-eye looks glamorous on eye shape and definitely on any occasion. Luckily, I have been able to master my winged-eye techniques over the past couple of years thanks to blogger tutorials and endless trial & errors.

Naturally, I have grown very fond of gel eyeliners which I can easily apply using a basic angle brush. However, a Debenhams sales assistant has recommended the Vamp Definition Liner from Pupa for me. At first, I was intimidated as I have had not so-nice encounters with liquid liners, but when I tried it at the store, I was actually impressed. Not only is the color of a matte and super dramatic finish, but the wand (applicator) is so easy to use. The liquid itself is of a very soft texture that you would never have to worry about lumpiness.

Vamp Definition Liner from Pupa

Vamp Definition Liner from Pupa

You only need to shake the tiny bottle a few times before use, just because it can get a little watery if you forget to shake it, and wipe off any excess on the tip of the bottle, and start your line in whatever shape you want.

For me, the 135-LE Vamp Definition Liner from Pupa is an ultimate favorite when I want to go artistically crazy with my eyeliner, although I would certainly stick to much manageable options, such as the gel or pencil alternatives, when I am in a hurry.

(N.B: Prices may vary from one store to another.)

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