5 Ways to Have Your Favorite Kibbeh

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Kibbeh, Kebbah or Koubeiba is a Levantine dish that is celebrated all over the world. You can never walk into a Middle Eastern restaurant without spotting the iconic Kibbeh on the Starters menu. Despite being very popular, many people often associate Kibbeh only with the fried version. That is why we have piled up some of the most drooling ways to have your Kibbeh.

Traditional Fried Balls

Traditional Fried Kibbeh

For a start, if you want to explore the endless delicious world of Kibbeh, you have to know by heart the ins and outs of traditional fried kibbeh that is filled with coarsely minced meat and pine nuts while coated with a fine layer of finely minced meat mixed with Burghul.

Check out Maureen Abood’s recipe here.

Tartare (Frakeh)



Whether you prefer to call it Kibbeh Tartare, Frakeh or Kibbeh Nayyih, it is a popular dish in Lebanon which is always advised to have in reputable restaurants. You don’t want to risk getting poisoned especially because it is made of raw minced meat. That is why having it homemade is the best way to guarantee that you will have a delicious and “safe” meal.

Check out Joumana Accad’s recipe here.

Kibbet Lateen

Kibbet Lateen

Kibbet Lateen

If you happen to be a vegetarian, but you still want to get an idea about the exotic nutty flavors of original Kibbeh, you can have Pumpkin Kebbah (Kibbet Lateen). If you are not a vegetarian but still a bit adventurous, this is the dish you should try.

Check out Flooka Restaurants’ recipe here.

Baked Kebbah (Kibbeh Bel Saneyeeh)

Kibbeh Bel Saneyeeh

Baked Kebbah is another healthy version of the fried ones. It has the same ingredients as the traditional kibbeh. However, it is baked in a tray making it much lighter and more similar to the American meatloaf.

Check out Maureen Abood’s recipe here.

Kibbeh Labaniyeh


Yoghurt, garlic and mint are among the main ingredients that distinguish Levantine cuisine. They seem to always make their way into any dish, even if they transform the original recipe to create a brand new one. Kebbah is no stranger to this concept. If you are craving a heavy soup that still has some good proteins, try out Kibbeh Labaniyeh.

Check out Antonio Tahhan’s recipe here.

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